Electric Water Fire Boat Toy
Electric Water Fire Boat Toy
Electric Water Fire Boat Toy
Electric Water Fire Boat Toy

Electric Water Fire Boat Toy

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Multifunctional Boat Toy: It comes with a cool appearance and it is well equipped with nearly all the equipments that can be seen in the real marine rescue ship. This boat water toy not only can move in the water, but also can spray water. Moreover, it has colorful lights effect and funny sound effect.

Funny Sound and Lights Effect: There are bulbs and a speaker inside the podium that enables the boat moves with sound and lights effect. The red & blue lights will blink alternately, looks so cool. In addition, the siren can be heard as the lights turn on.

Spray Water Automatically: Turn on power switch of the fireboat, then put it in the water, you can see that the boat spray water automatically as there is a water pump in the bottom. The sprinkler nozzle in the front of the boat can spray water continuously and its direction can be adjusted.

A Good Playmate for Kids: This fire fighting vessel toy can be played in many occasions, such as water tank, bathtub, swimming pool or beach. It helps kids to love bathing, and guides them to explore the magic of the buyoance.

Please Note: The battery compartment is under the podium of the boat, to replace the batteries, you need to remvoe the podium first. The battery compartment doesn't adopt the waterproof design, so please do not immerse the whole body of the ship in the water, or it may cause short-circuit problem.



Material: plastic + electronic component

Color: blue

Battery: 3 x AA batteries (not included)

Boat Size: 23x8x11cm

Package size: 28x15x9cm


Pack list

1 x Boat toy